Estas son las 100 startups que competirán en el South Summit 2017

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South summit es el evento para startups líder del sur de Europa que pone en contacto a los emprendedores más innovadores con los inversores internacionales más importantes y las empresas interesadas en mejorar su competitividad a través de la innovación. Tres días en los que el ecosistema emprendedor se da cita con las últimas novedades del mercado y sus fuentes de financiación.

El South Summit 2017 se celebra del 4 al 6 de octubre en Madrid (La N@VE (Calle Cifuentes, Madrid, España

Ya se han publicado las 100 startups seleccionadas entre los participantes de la Startup Competition 2017Startup Competition 2017 y que competirán en esta próxima edición de South Summit 2017. Las recopilamos para ti a continuación. Si eres emprendedor ¡no te lo puedes perder!

Smart Mobility

Avansig Autonomous Smart Drones España
CANARD Calibration of aeronautical Navigational Aids with drones España
hereO El reloj GPS hereO es el dispositivo de localización GPS en tiempo real más pequeño del mundo, creado especialmente para niños a partir de 3 años. Equipado con wifi, una tarjeta SIM y un conector USB integrados, Israel
HomyHub Una forma sencilla, cómoda y segura de gestionar el acceso a tu garaje. Reino Unido
Intelflows A Network of Moving Sensors Estonia
Kiwi Campus Food Delivery Robots +2000 orders @UC Berkeley Estados Unidos

Envío de palets en Zona Centro (Madrid y alrededores) y Cataluña

España Multibrand P2P sharing autonomous vehicle platform España
Situm Technologies SL Sistema de posicionamiento en interiores GPS España
Tickey Mobile Solutions Ltd. Mobile tickets for public transport Bulgaria
VALEET On-Demand Valet Parking & Car Services. España
Witrac Smart Industry 4.0 with IoT España

Travel & Tourism

Airhopping Interrail by plane España
Airmule Travel for less as an air courier. Estados Unidos
BabyGuest BabyGuest is the AirBnb of Strollers Italia
ChangeYourFlight S.L. Chatbot travel concierge España
Chazki The Uber of the logistics Perú
ClickBus Brazil’s largest online booking platform for intercity bus tickets Brasil
Glamping Hub Los mejores campings de lujo por todo el mundo España
HiJiffy Es el chat que conecta hoteles con sus huéspedes Portugal
Keepiz Red de consignas cerca de ti España
Smartvel Smartvel es un proveedor SaaS de contenido digital para los destinos turísticos. España
trazze Guest behavior tracking technology. España
Turismoi Cientos de Tours, Actividades y Lugares para tu viaje en España Perú

New money

Bnext The first Marketplace Bank España
Darwinex P2P Asset Manager España
Destacame Increasing access to finance through alternative data Chile
Drivies Drive better & save on insurance España
FINANBEST INVERSIONES INTELIGENTES AV, SA El modelo de gestión de los grandes inversores, al alcance de todos España
KiWi Point of sale app for micro-merchants Suiza
PayKey Payments Within Any Social App Israel
Sherpa Personalized insurance protection Reino Unido
Spendesk Smart spending solution for agile teams Francia

Content & Channels

Datumize Dark Data Capture Unlock Results España
Emerge Mid-air touch for VR and AR Estados Unidos
Exponenta Exponenta is an AI-driven tool for publishing. Our software predicts virality for unpublished texts and provides recommendations on how to get exponential shares and audiences. España
Geenapp App platform for startups España CMS of interactive content España
getwe AI Website Builder Estonia
Helloumi Slack for customers communication España
Ninjamails We have developed a powerfull algorithm that’s able to predict professional email addresses. Chile
Paytime Platform for content monetization España
Sekg Gamear Experience Analytics España
Videona Socialmedia Breaking the video editing barrier España
VoxEra VoxEra roaming fees killer Egipto

Healthcare & Biotech

ConquerX Accelerating Precision Medicine Estados Unidos
DART by Innovation technology for blindness prevention Chile
InsightMedi Instagram for doctors España
Insulcloud Your diabetes under control España
ivary making long-term family-planning possible Austria
NIMD A Microwave based ablation / Hyperthermia medical device that treats cancer selectively in short time. Israel
OTTAA Project Communication system for speech impaired Argentina
Teckel Medical, SL From symptoms to Action España
Top Doctors Directory where only the best doctors are included España
Transplant Biomedicals The game changer of organ preservation España

Lifestyle & Fashion

Bwom Changing self-care for women. España
Ketchup On pet interaction from anywhere Estados Unidos
minimfit minimalistic bike monitored by phone España
Nextail Inventory optimization solution for retailers España
Practix Practix – The ultimate fitness product for your home workout Alemania
SEPIIA 2080 Smart clothes for the daily España
Sugarwise International certification low free-sugars Reino Unido
Tuvalum Sports S.L Secondhand sport gear marketplace España
Uniko Online Wedding Registry México

Energy & Sustainability

Aladyn System SL Wireless Electricity Transmission España
AQUA.abib Sustainable seawater desalination España
ARRECIFE ENERGY SYSTEMS Absorbing energy from waves like a coral reef España
Cycle Farms Insect-based animal feed technology Francia
Flying SpARk high-quality protein from fruit flies Israel
Klenergy Eco friendly energy independence España
RatedPower We created pvDesign app to accelerate and optimize the design process of utility-scale PV Plants España
Submer Technologies Highly Efficient, Eco-Friendly, Server Immersion Cooling España
Wallbox Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions España
Winch Energy Ltd Off-grid Renewable Energy Solutions Reino Unido

Art & Culture

Artomatix Using Artificial Intelligence for 3D Art Generation Irlanda
HEARTELIUS S.L. (FLECHA) Online Art Market Place España
HumanSurge S.L. The Global Humanitarian Roster España
Utab media A music-tech company who developed two main platforms : 1. MusisChords – world’s first streaming music school 2. MusicianClips – automated music clips creation & promotion platform for musicians. Israel
WARM WARM provides valuable radio data about your music Dinamarca

B2B & B2G

Beacon Inc. Behavioral science-based people management solution Estados Unidos
Blunder Solutions SL [UN]Knowledge Management System España
Councilbox Technology, S.L. Secure Virtual Corporate Meetings España
Ctzen, Inc Results-driven government with real time city info Colombia
ERMEO The Zapier of the Industry Francia
Fresh Strips Food safety indicator sticker Países Bajos
Infraspeak Facility Management made simple Portugal
NeoSound We translate sound into meaningful data Estonia
sennder GmbH Digtial road freight forwarder Alemania
The SaaS Co. – Artificial intelligence for sales & customer care Alemania
Tilkee sales optimization through documents tracking and analysis Francia


Clicars Spain SL Sell and buy cars online España
Comprea Comprea is a same-day delivery service that allows users to order groceries online from their favorite stores. España
Epic Mutants Learn what you love form the world’s most epic performers España
Homie Long term rentals revolution México
Housers Real Estate Platform for invest España
Lingokids Adaptive Language Learning Platform for Kids Ages 2-6 España
Lola Market Online solution for weekly shopping España
Primo Toys Screenless coding for ages 3+ Reino Unido online legal services, the uber of atorneys España

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